FAB Burger Menu

Butterfield Beef

From Borden, at the foot of the Stirling Ranges, the Angus and Angus Cross cattle is fed only the highest quality wheat, plus barley, oats, canola and lupins. 80 days on this high quality ration, but importantly in an environment that is safe, calm and comfortable, produces meat that is 'cherry red' in colour - a guarantee of succulence. The twice minced steak-cut beef is freshly hand-made into 200g patties daily.

NEW Softer Bread

Baked fresh daily by speciality bakers, Il Granino, our Turkish buns are now softer and tastier than ever!


It's not just our burgers that are remarkably healthy. Our chips are 100% cholesterol free and so is the oil they are cooked in!

FAB Relish

Hand-made by our very own chef, Rahmat, our relish contains no preservatives or chemicals. It's sweet tomato and onion base really brings out the flavours in our wonderful burgers.